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Jan 1, 0001

contour_build_infoGAUGEbranch, revision, versionBuild information for Contour. Labels include the branch and git SHA that Contour was built from, and the Contour version.
contour_cachehandler_onupdate_duration_secondsSUMMARYHistogram for the runtime of xDS cache regeneration.
contour_dagrebuild_timestampGAUGETimestamp of the last DAG rebuild.
contour_dagrebuild_totalCOUNTERTotal number of times DAG has been rebuilt since startup
contour_eventhandler_operation_totalCOUNTERkind, opTotal number of Kubernetes object changes Contour has received by operation and object kind.
contour_httpproxyGAUGEnamespaceTotal number of HTTPProxies that exist regardless of status.
contour_httpproxy_invalidGAUGEnamespace, vhostTotal number of invalid HTTPProxies.
contour_httpproxy_orphanedGAUGEnamespaceTotal number of orphaned HTTPProxies which have no root delegating to them.
contour_httpproxy_rootGAUGEnamespaceTotal number of root HTTPProxies. Note there will only be a single root HTTPProxy per vhost.
contour_httpproxy_validGAUGEnamespace, vhostTotal number of valid HTTPProxies.

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