Contour Configuration Reference

Configuration File

A configuration file can be passed to the --config-path argument of the contour serve command to specify additional configuration to Contour. In most deployments, this file is passed to Contour via a ConfigMap which is mounted as a volume to the Contour pod.

The Contour configuration file is optional. In its absence, Contour will operate with reasonable defaults. Where Contour settings can also be specified with command-line flags, the command-line value takes precedence over the configuration file.

Field Name Type Default Description
accesslog-format string envoy This key sets the global access log format for Envoy. Valid options are envoy or json.
debug boolean false Enables debug logging.
disablePermitInsecure boolean false If this field is true, Contour will ignore PermitInsecure field in HTTPProxy documents.
envoy-service-name string envoy This sets the service name that will be inspected for address details to be applied to Ingress objects.
envoy-service-namespace string projectcontour This sets the namespace of the service that will be inspected for address details to be applied to Ingress objects.
ingress-status-address string None If present, this specifies the address that will be copied into the Ingress status for each Ingress that Contour manages. It is exclusive with envoy-service-name and envoy-service-namespace.
incluster boolean false This field specifies that Contour is running in a Kubernetes cluster and should use the in-cluster client access configuration.
json-fields string array fields This is the list the field names to include in the JSON access log format.
kubeconfig string $HOME/.kube/config Path to a Kubernetes kubeconfig file for when Contour is executed outside a cluster.
leaderelection leaderelection   The leader election configuration.
request-timeout duration 0s This field specifies the default request timeout as a Go duration string. Zero means there is no timeout.
tls TLS   The default TLS configuration.

TLS Configuration

The TLS configuration block can be used to configure default values for how Contour should provision TLS hosts.

Field Name Type Default Description
minimum-protocol-version string "" This field specifies the minimum TLS protocol version that is allowed. Valid options are 1.2 and 1.3. Any other value defaults to TLS 1.1.
fallback-certificate     Fallback certificate configuration.

Fallback Certificate

Field Name Type Default Description
name string "" This field specifies the name of the Kubernetes secret to use as the fallback certificate.
namespace string "" This field specifies the namespace of the Kubernetes secret to use as the fallback certificate.

Leader Election Configuration

The leader election configuration block configures how a deployment with more than one Contour pod elects a leader. The Contour leader is responsible for updating the status field on Ingress and HTTPProxy documents. In the vast majority of deployments, only the configmap-name and configmap-namespace fields should require any configuration.

Field Name Type Default Description
configmap-name string leader-elect The name of the ConfigMap that Contour leader election will lease.
configmap-namespace string projectcontour The namespace of the ConfigMap that Contour leader election will lease. If the CONTOUR_NAMESPACE environment variable is present, Contour will populate this field with its value.
lease-duration duration 15s The duration of the leadership lease.
renew-deadline duration 10s The length of time that the leader will retry refreshing leadership before giving up.
retry-period duration 2s The interval at which Contour will attempt to the acquire leadership lease.

Configuration Example

The following is an example ConfigMap with configuration file included:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: contour
  namespace: projectcontour
  contour.yaml: |
    # should contour expect to be running inside a k8s cluster
    # incluster: true
    # path to kubeconfig (if not running inside a k8s cluster)
    # kubeconfig: /path/to/.kube/config
    # disable ingressroute permitInsecure field
    # disablePermitInsecure: false
      # minimum TLS version that Contour will negotiate
      # minimumProtocolVersion: "1.1"
      # name: fallback-secret-name
      # namespace: projectcontour
    # The following config shows the defaults for the leader election.
    # leaderelection:
      # configmap-name: leader-elect
      # configmap-namespace: projectcontour

Note: The default example contour includes this file for easy deployment of Contour.

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