TLS Certificate Delegation

In order to support wildcard certificates, TLS certificates for a *.somedomain.com, which are stored in a namespace controlled by the cluster administrator, Contour supports a facility known as TLS Certificate Delegation. This facility allows the owner of a TLS certificate to delegate, for the purposes of referencing the TLS certificate, permission to Contour to read the Secret object from another namespace. Delegation works for both HTTPProxy and Ingress v1beta1 resources. TLS Certificate Delegation is not currently supported on Ingress v1 resources due to changes in the spec that make this impossible. See this issue for details.

The TLSCertificateDelegation resource defines a set of delegations in the spec. Each delegation references a secretName from the namespace where the TLSCertificateDelegation is created as well as describing a set of targetNamespaces in which the certificate can be referenced. If all namespaces should be able to reference the secret, then set "*" as the value of targetNamespaces (see example below).

apiVersion: projectcontour.io/v1
kind: TLSCertificateDelegation
  name: example-com-wildcard
  namespace: www-admin
    - secretName: example-com-wildcard
      - example-com
    - secretName: another-com-wildcard
      - "*"
apiVersion: projectcontour.io/v1
kind: HTTPProxy
  name: www
  namespace: example-com
    fqdn: foo2.bar.com
      secretName: www-admin/example-com-wildcard
    - services:
        - name: s1
          port: 80

In this example, the permission for Contour to reference the Secret example-com-wildcard in the admin namespace has been delegated to HTTPProxy objects in the example-com namespace. Also, the permission for Contour to reference the Secret another-com-wildcard from all namespaces has been delegated to all HTTPProxy objects in the cluster.

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