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Jan 1, 0001

A configuration file can be passed to the contour serve command which specified additional properties that Contour should use when starting up. This file is passed to Contour via a ConfigMap which is mounted as a volume to the Contour pod.

Following is an example ConfigMap with configuration file included:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ConfigMap
  name: contour
  namespace: projectcontour
  contour.yaml: |
    # should contour expect to be running inside a k8s cluster
    # incluster: true
    # path to kubeconfig (if not running inside a k8s cluster)
    # kubeconfig: /path/to/.kube/config
    # disable ingressroute permitInsecure field
    # disablePermitInsecure: false
      # minimum TLS version that Contour will negotiate
      # minimumProtocolVersion: "1.1"
    # The following config shows the defaults for the leader election.
    # leaderelection:
      # configmap-name: contour
      # configmap-namespace: leader-elect    

Note: The default example contour includes this file for easy deployment of Contour.

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