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Interrogate Contour’s xDS Resources

Sometimes it’s helpful to be able to interrogate Contour to find out exactly what xDS resource data it is sending to Envoy. Contour ships with a contour cli subcommand which can be used for this purpose.

Because Contour secures its communications with Envoy using Secrets in the cluster, the easiest way is to run contour cli commands inside the pod. Do this is via kubectl exec:

# Get one of the pods that matches the examples/daemonset
$ CONTOUR_POD=$(kubectl -n projectcontour get pod -l app=contour -o jsonpath='{.items[0]}')
# Do the port forward to that pod
$ kubectl -n projectcontour exec $CONTOUR_POD -c contour -- contour cli lds --cafile=/certs/ca.crt --cert-file=/certs/tls.crt --key-file=/certs/tls.key

Which will stream changes to the LDS api endpoint to your terminal. Replace contour cli lds with contour cli rds for route resources, contour cli cds for cluster resources, and contour cli eds for endpoints.

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