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Visualizing Contour’s Internal Object Graph

Contour models its configuration using a directed acyclic graph (DAG) of internal objects. This can be visualized through a debug endpoint that outputs the DAG in DOT format. To visualize the graph, you must have graphviz installed on your system.

To download the graph and save it as a PNG:

# Port forward into the contour pod
$ CONTOUR_POD=$(kubectl -n projectcontour get pod -l app=contour -o name | head -1)
# Do the port forward to that pod
$ kubectl -n projectcontour port-forward $CONTOUR_POD 6060
# Download and store the DAG in png format
$ curl localhost:6060/debug/dag | dot -T png > contour-dag.png

The following is an example of a DAG that maps http://kuard.local:80/ to the kuard service in the default namespace:

Sample DAG

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