Announcing Contour v1.13.0
Announcing Contour v1.12.0
Announcing Contour v1.11.0
Announcing Contour v1.10.0
Announcing Contour v1.9.0
Announcing Contour v1.9.0
This blog post covers External Authorization and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Support in Contour v1.9.0.
Contour’s landscape, July 2020
Client Certificate Authentication and Ingress improvements in Contour 1.4
Hot-Reload Certificates and Safely Rollout Envoy with Contour 1.2
Header and Host Rewrite with Contour 1.1
Contour 1.0.0-rc.2 has been released
HTTPProxy in Action
From IngressRoute to HTTPProxy
From IngressRoute to HTTPProxy
As part of the preparations to deliver Contour 1.0 at KubeCon US, Contour 1.0.0-beta.1 (available now!) renamed the IngressRoute CRD to HTTPProxy. This post explains the path from IngressRoute to HTTPProxy and why the change isn’t a revolution but an evolution.
New GitHub Organization, Who Dis?
Leader Election and Configuration Files with Contour v0.15
Secure xDS Server Communication with Contour v0.14
Kind-ly running Contour
Kind-ly running Contour
This blog post demonstrates how to install kind, create a cluster, deploy Contour, and then deploy a sample application, all locally on your machine.
Routing Traffic to Applications in Kubernetes with Contour
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