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High performance ingress controller for Kubernetes

Contour is an open source Kubernetes ingress controller providing the control plane for the Envoy edge and service proxy.‚Äč Contour supports dynamic configuration updates and multi-team ingress delegation out of the box while maintaining a lightweight profile.

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Built for Kubernetes

Quickly deploy cloud-native applications using the flexible and innovative HTTPProxy API.

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Dynamic Reconfiguration

Update Envoy configurations as the ingress and underlying elements change, without restarting the load balancer.

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Secure Ingress Delegation

Safely delegate ingress configuration to protect service access on multi-team Kubernetes clusters.

Contour is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation Incubating project

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Envoy Inside

Contour is built as the control plane for Envoy, the high performance L7 proxy and load balancer

Flexible Architecture

Contour can be deployed as either a Kubernetes deployment or daemonset

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TLS Certificate Delegation

Administrators can delegate wildcard certificate access securely

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The Contour Team

Contour is released as open source software and provides community support through our GitHub project page. If you encounter an issue or have a question, feel free to reach out on the GitHub issues page for Contour.

The Contour project team welcomes contributions from the community, please see our contributing documentation.

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Steve Kriss

Tech Lead/Maintainer

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Steve Sloka


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Sunjay Bhatia


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Alex Xu

Product Manager

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Tero Saarni


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